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About Me
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 My Story 

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Greetings and Welcome My name is Sula 
I am a fully trained and certified  Sisterlocks™ consultant trained under the guidance of Dr JoAnne Cornwell in 2008.

On this site you will find information to assist you with your  Sisterlocks™ journey plus picture of my work.

Like most black women I have done the whole hair journey from fro to wigs, hot comb, cold straightening, single plait extensions, cornrow and everything in between.

I can still remember that moment in my mid twenties when I looked in the mirror and realized that I was done with altering my natural hair and ready to embrace my own naturally beautiful hair.  I created my first head of locs myself and my second head of locs were installed professionally but I was never quite satisfied with their appearance.

As  I approached my forties I began to have a clear vision of how I wanted my locs to be and my only question was: "how in the world am I going to achieve that !" 

My vision came to fruition in the mid noughties when I met a woman with some of the most beautiful locs I have ever seen. They were waist length, tiny and immaculate and I remember complementing her on how beautiful her 'hair extensions' were.

​It was a jaw dropping moment when she explained: " this is all my own hair". I knew immediately that   Sisterlocks™ were exactly for me. Within days I found my Sisterlocks™  consultant, had my locs installed the following month and I have never looked back.

I am a professionally trained hairdresser and consider Sisterlocks™  to be a work of art. Trained and certified by the Sisterlocks™ company you can rest assured that your Locs will be established and maintained according to the  Sisterlocks™ standard of excellence.

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The Process

What are Sisterlocks?


Sisterlocks™ Brotherlocks™ is a hair management system that allows women men and children with tightly textured hair to make the most of their own naturally beautiful hair without relaxers extensions or weaves or having to ​alter the texture of their hair.  

Sisterlocks™ was developed by Dr JoAnne and formally launched in San Diego in 1993. Following her vision led to the creation of a natural hair management system that maximizes the health and growth potential of tightly textured hair. 

​When Dr Cornwell associate professor of African studies & French at San Diego University began experimenting with her own hair in the early 1990's her aims was to simply figure out how to have locks the way she wanted them: "tiny, stylable,  versatile,healthy,gorgeous".

Back then she had no idea of what she was getting herself into or that Sisterlocks™ was her future. Since then  Sisterlocks™ has steadily grown into the global phenomena that it is today enabling women men and children to embrace the freedom and magnificence of their own naturally beautiful hair.


How are Sisterlocks™ created ?


To create Sisterlocks™ the hair is parted into the precise grid that give Sisterlocks™ their styling versatility. Precise locing patterns are chosen which are compatible with the unique features of your hair.  

Each strand of hair is then woven into small size locs. Depending on the volume and density of your hair this usually results on average to around 420- ​500 beautifully ​crafted Sisterlocks™.  


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